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My name is Kayla Waller, but you can call me Kay!

I am an ISSA-certified personal trainer, NASM stretch and flexibility coach, corporate wellness director, and owner of KWallerFit. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, however, currently based in DC and Maryland.


Growing up I played multiple sports and enjoyed being active. Today, I continue to find great joy in being physical and encouraging others to do the same.   

During my freshman year at Hampton University, I gained more than your usual “Freshman 15” due to a busy academic schedule and upbeat social life. Let's just keep it real, I neglected my overall health in general. My turning point came in 2015 when I transferred to another college and committed to a healthier lifestyle. I was tired of feeling depressed and unhappy with my body and had to make a change! At some point in each of our lives change is necessary and fitness became my newfound love.

I started being proactive about my health, fitness goals, and lifestyle changes. The transformation was in full effect and before I knew it, I was in the gym day in and day out. The gym became my safe space, a place where I felt my happiest. This is where I found my passion for strength and conditioning. My mission now is to motivate, inspire, encourage, and guide others on how to reach their fitness goals through proper form, nutrition, and overall healthy habits. I'm here to be your accountability partner, provide that extra push when you need it, and help bring out the confidence to love your body.


My goal is to help clients, “work for the body they want, and love the body they're in.” - Coach Kay 

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